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What do I want you to know about me? What should I tell you that will help you understand something about me?

I am a Progressive Democrat who currently resides in Columbia, Tennessee. (Yeah, I know. It makes the name make sense, doesn’t it?)

I’m a nice guy, a good guy on the “Good Guy-Bad Guy” spectrum. 

This place is my place to speak my mind. I do. I like to encourage discussion and debate among nice folks who might agree, or disagree with me. I’m told I should “tone it down” a bit. I do that everywhere else I write. But, this is MY space. My personal space to let loose with the wild ramblings and imaginations of my political mind. I do so without apology or regret. I do keep an eye on the future, as it regards the past. I try to never write one word I would feel the need to apologize for. I have learned that writers, like anyone else, cannot please everyone. I don’t try to. I am honest here, in this place, to myself.

If nobody else ever reads my words here, it will not change one word that I write. I write to, and for myself here. I know others will read my words, and I have no problems with that. It’s a good thing to know how people think. This is how I think. Sometimes, just reading my own thoughts affects my thinking. Very little is “permanent“, but some of my writing is. Mine is a reflection of the place where I live, in the times I live. I hope you will read my words, and consider them. I hope you will participate here. Agreement is not a requirement. Professionalism, or at the least, respectful gentility IS required. I have a mean ban hammer, and I swing it quickly. Your words will never get you banned. Your presentation of those ideas and beliefs you hold, or with which you disagree with mine, may very well get you banned. Play nice at all times, and you will never need fear my ban hammer. 

Treat this as my house, to which you are an invited guest. That is how I will treat your words. The purpose is dialogue, or clarification, or crystallization of my thoughts. Yours are welcome.

Should you ever have a desire to utterly infest me with your unbridled angst, please feel free to do by using the Contact Form below. I will respond. (I don’t have a ban hammer on my email!)

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