Why Does What I Think Matter?

Generally, because I’m right. Specifically, because I represent many folks who think I’m right.


At the time this Blog begins, the House of Representatives is trying to vote on a bill that has no future. Speaker Boehner has finally introduced a Republican Bill concerning the raising of the debt ceiling for the United States of America‘s government operating and financing. The Republicans, and the Democrats are currently being held hostage by some 83 members of Congress who have taken it upon themselves to determine the future of our country. That population is roughly equivalent to a decent college classroom attendance.


That this blog begins during such times as these is significant because this is merely the opening salvo of what, should they get their way, will become a nation-changing time for all Americans. If you are an American, you must care.

The possible topics are so many, and are coming to us with such rapidity as to make it nearly impossible to choose which one(s) should be addressed first. Else, I would have begun this Blog a few weeks ago. So, I will start where I am, and we will go from there.

Today, I was scheduled to speak to a gathering in Nashville, Tennessee. As it turned out, I could not attend the meeting because of a professional emergency which came up. I had to council a grieving Grandmother on the loss of her grandson, who decided life was no longer worth living, because he saw no good future for himself, or his family.

She is a retired, disabled American living on an extremely fixed income who, with her husband, find themselves in their “Golden Years”. After working more than 30 years, and paying into Social Security, they each now live entirely off the retirement they have invested for themselves. Yet, in these perilous times, they find it nearly impossible to “get by”. All families have challenges, yet some families have more challenges than others. Looked at across the spectrum of life, every member of every family has “issues” which represent challenges. Challenges create opportunities to learn, grow and share in the vast joys that our existence can bring. It is natural for all who have a belly button to experience challenges of learning, and growth, and those special moments which define a life.

However, some families have additional challenges which, not the physical living of life bring, but rather those challenges which others create for us. For some, the easiest challenge to handle in life come from challenges of economy, or or economics. “If the toughest problem we have is about money, we have no problems.” That is a reality for many Americans, but not all.

In fact, more Americans live their lives with challenge that money could easily solve, if only they had the money to apply to their challenge.They don’t have the cash or credit resources necessary to answer those daunting challenges which families find from time to time.  The larger problem is that the challenges have been piling up, coming one on the heels, or even side-by-side of another, and another. And another.

These are “the least among us”, and party affiliation does not matter. Challenges do not discriminate. 15 million of us are unemployed. That does not include those who are either “marginally” employed, or underemployed. This number does not include those who have dropped from the unemployment rolls. Veterans, Seniors, the disabled, children…times are tough for us. Our nation stands on the brink of collapse. Be not distracted. The collapse of our nation, our system and form of government is at stake. That is by careful, yet purposeful intent. That IS politically motivated. Corporatism, and ultra-conservative theocracy is the intended goal. You believe my words to be extreme? Overly dramatic? You may well believe so now, but I do have the ability, the experience, and the basic common sense to understand tea leaves, and wall writing, and the physical responses of those who are perpetrating this treason. Yes. Treason. According to their own staffs, the Republicans have sent emails to their members stating that they must “extend the distraction beyond August 2nd, 2011. Then, we will win.”

Win? Win what, exactly? At what cost, and to whom? For what purposes?

Spending? No. They don’t care about spending, other than their distaste for any government spending anything. Well, I’ve got some news for those who believe this action has anything to do with spending.


When American defaults, 70 million checks will not go out. 70 million. When my disability does not come to my bank, my home is immediately at risk. I cannot pay my rent. When my disability check does not arrive at my bank, my medications cannot be paid for, and I’m almost out. When my disability check does not arrive on August 3rd, 2011, I cannot pay for the gasoline (that Chevron, Exxon, and BP get their profit from) to fuel the vehicle that takes me to my doctor’s office.

I am one of 70 million. The damage to me is already done. I’m dying. The damage to our nation is done. With every breath of my remaining life, I will encourage each of the 70 million Americans to remember what you’ve done to us, and who did it. It wasn’t the Democrats who did it. It was the Republicans, and the fringe group among them that they have fueled, encouraged, and supported in the perpetration of this direct attack against myself, and my country. You see, your short-sightedness has consequences. The homeless, those families living in cars, and shelters, and in their parents’ basements vote. I pray to God we have a nation strong enough to survive this latest terrorism, until the next election cycle. 70 million people is one hell of a constituency, y’all. First, we will replace you. Then, we will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. And, as so many among us can readily explain to you, building sufficient prisons to hold you is one hell of a jobs plan!

That’s what I think. What do YOU think?