A Silly, Salacious, Sagacious, Saturday

I am a political activist. I am a political junkie. Are you?

If you are like me, these days in our national environment are fraught with those who “know”, and those who do not. Today, for instance (not the Sunday news shows, which today will ALL be gifted by the presence of Michelle Bachmann (R-MN). Oh, Lord. I just have to remember that if it’s not writing, it’s research.

Today, however, I was witness to the continuing drama of Iowa, and the Straw Poll/Debate Grand Slam. I also got a look at Texas Governor Rick Perry.

I was pleased that Ron Paul got a very close second to Michelle Bachmann (R-MN). Had only a few hundred of the write-in voters had chosen him, he would have won. The second largest vote count was interesting, especially since the suddenly “presumptive” front-runner (either Perry or Mitt Romney, depending on your personal taste) wasn’t even there. I then treated myself to a well-deserved nap. When I awoke, I did some research on Governor Perry.

What I cane away with was very troubling to me, for several reasons.

When Candidate George W. Bush announced his intent to run, nobody was happier than the average voter…of Texas. Same here, with Perry. Despite his PR to the otherwise, he is largely vilified in his own state. His caterwauling about jobs coming to the state lie primarily in Military assignments, immigrant labor, and minimum wage jobs. All three categories are, in one way, “seasonal” jobs. Basic/AIT training troops bound for Afghanistan lead to a not only temporary, but very transitional job base. Think tourist season at Fort Sam Houston of Fort Hood, for instance. Lackland AFB is a major basic training facility for the U S Air Force, so some “Zoomies” stop by for a while. Nothing permanent in these jobs, yet there is a lot permanent about the legislative acts this pariah has saddled the people of the Lone Star State with during his many years in the Governorship. Then, there is his absolute involvement in “The Response”, which has a much more nefarious implication than the mere attachment of this office, his State Treasury, and Security personnel for the event, attended by some 30,000 conservative evangelical Christians.

It seems that the Governor is only filling a temporary J.O.B., but is actually an elected “Prophet” of a very scary sect, with world theocratic designs. Rachel Maddow had a great intro to this information on her show this week, and I encourage you to watch this. The Staff Writer for the Texas Observer, whose story “The Army of God”, broke the story here.

Sara Posner, in an informative writing, works to help readers understand The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and Governor Perry in a timely article.

If you believe you are a Prophet of God, called to usher in the government of God, on Earth, in the United States, you might be Governor Rick Perry.

As to his governorship, the rebukes are legion.

It seems Mr. Perry has a problem with Service Veterans voting.

It seems Mr. Perry feels no sense of obligation to follow the Fair Voting Act when it comes to redistricting in Texas, either.

It seems Mr. Perry is not so bullish on education in Texas, either. So far, in the past year, $4 Billion cut in State-wide education funds.

One should recall that this is the man who truly believes the Departments of Education, The EPA, and the Department of Commerce must/will be forcibly removed, entirely from the federal government.

And then, of course, there is the money. Governor Perry, and his former staff assistant have created a Super PAC, which has no limits on the amounts of contributions given. A leaked email tells us how that one is going to work, if you are a supporter.

So, is this politics as usual? Or is it Politics as usual–Texas Style? I know what I think. Tell me, what do YOU think?