Southern Progressive Radio!

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Progressive Politics-Tennessee Style!

Our New Blog Talk Radio Show




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We are  announcing today the inaugural episode of our new Blog Talk Radio Show: Progressive Politics-Tennessee Style (PPTS)! You can call in, chat, or interact with the show host (TNProgressive) and our guests. You can listen to our archives, or even sign up to participate as a co-host, producer, researcher, or guest. 

The live call-in show will air every Sunday afternoon at 2:30 PM (CT) and will run for 120 minutes to start. Our first show will air on Sunday, March 25th, 2012. We hope you will tune in! If you are actively involved in Democratic, Liberal and especially Progressive activism, we want to hear from YOU!

Contact the show’s Director at for guest and booking information.  


One thought on “Southern Progressive Radio!

  1. Wow, more than three years of shows. And, with the 2016 election coming up, we’re gearing up for another 1.5 years of shows to keep ’em honest. Join us on Sundays, beginning at 2PM for two hours of live, progressive radio!

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